The Farm

As flower farmers, Karri and Patrick wholeheartedly believe in sustainable business practices.

The Greenhouse + Shoppe

The dream of Rose Farm was built with a deep belief resting in sustainability, stewardship of the land, and conservation.

Karri and Patrick raise honey bees, harvest hay fields, and create habitats for birds, pollinators and other wildlife. Multiple breeds of non-GMO fed, free range hens happily wander and produce a striking array of colored eggs. Fresh herbs are grown from seed, guaranteeing quality from soil to table. Breathtaking fields of flowers delight the senses, filling the air with a sweet aroma and dotting the property with a spectrum of colors. White hydrangeas bloom displaying their lavish, rounded shape, as do several varieties of David Austin English roses, ranunculus, dahlias, tulips, cosmos and asters. Find an assortment of seasonal florals to welcome the changing of the seasons. Watch the ornamental grasses, Bells of Ireland and eucalyptus dance in the wind. Blueberries, raspberries, aronia berries, apple and pear trees provide flavorful fruit, along with many other varieties thriving on the farm.

As Flower Farmers, Karri and Patrick wholeheartedly believe in sustainable business practices. They are passionate about supporting local farms and the dreams of others. By supporting Rose Farm, you are rallying around a movement that builds community-supported agriculture.

Rose Farm Seasonal Schedule 2024

April 18th-May 31st
Thursday | 10 AM-4 PM
Friday | 10 AM-4 PM
Saturday | 9 AM-1 PM
June 1st-August 31st (closed July 4th)
Wednesday | 3 PM- 7PM
Thursday | 2 PM- 6 PM
Friday | 9 AM-4 PM
Saturday | 9 AM-1 PM

September 8th-October 27th
Thursday | 2 PM-6 PM
Friday | 9 AM-4 PM
Saturday | 9 AM-1 PM
Sunday | 1 PM-5 PM
November 1st-December 15th (closed Thanksgiving)
Thursday | 12 PM-5 PM
Friday | 10 AM-4 PM
Saturday | 10 AM-4 PM
Sunday | 12 PM-4 PM
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Views from our beautiful farm...
Karri w/ Strawberries
Birds Eye View of Farm
Karri + Patrick in Front of Rose Farm Sign
Girls Cover Faces w/ Bouquets
Greenhouse During the Day
Karri + Girls w/ Bouquets
Aerial View of House
Karri + Patrick in front of House
Karri in Victoria Garden
The Hen House
Bouquet of Red + Purple Flowers
Karri + Buckets of Flowers in High Tunnel
The Greenhouse + Sunset
Patrick + Vic's House
The Greenhouse + Shoppe
Pink Flowers
Confetti Throw
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