Victoria's House

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Dining Room

Victoria's House is situated in the idyllic Norwalk countryside at Rose Farm, a boutique flower farm.

Welcome to Victoria's House, lovingly named for my beautiful late mother-in-law, Victoria VanEngelenburg, a devoted wife, mother + friend who taught our family the importance of living a big, bright + colorful life. She knew the importance of celebrating every moment - no matter how big or small - giving her an unmatched zest for life. She was bursting with energy, light + love. She was an incredible hostess + entertainer, and she knew how to make every moment a special one. She lived large + had a remarkable way of bringing people together and making them feel loved. She passed on the values of love + togetherness, and it is now my hope that this home becomes a place where you choose to gather with those who mean the most to you. May this home become a place where you make memories that you tuck deep inside your soul, and that fill you with joy. With this guest house, Victoria's legacy lives on, and I hope you'll feel inspired to make each moment you spend at Victoria's House special + soul-filling.

Inside Victoria's House, you'll find beautiful accommodations for eight people. The home has been thoughtfully designed to exude the warmth + charm that Victoria herself radiated. You'll find a basket to collect eggs from the coop each day, vases to fill with flowers you harvest from the gardens (seasonally), and fresh ground coffee ready to be brewed each morning. While you're with us, plan to enjoy the Rose Farm experience of a workshoppe, a garden party, a farm to table dinner, a stroll through the gardens or afternoon sweet tea in an Adirondack chair.

With this special guest house, comes the opportunity to find magic. There is magic in watching a sunrise + a sunset over the farm. There is magic in being barefoot in the grass, filling a jar with lightning bugs in the humid summer air. There is magic in watching the stars twinkle overhead late at night. There is magic in the quiet peacefulness as you kick your legs up and read a book. There is magic in laughter. There is magic in a summer playlist as you hum along to the tune. There is magic in brightly blooming flowers dancing in the fields. There is magic in eating a picnic on a blanket under a shade tree. There is magic in a cold glass of sweet tea and lemonade. There is magic in sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows until they are golden brown. There is magic in the first sip of morning coffee. There is magic in yoga on the lawn. There is magic in gathering fresh eggs from the coop. There is magic everywhere you look, and we hope you'll be our guest.

NEW! Did you hear the exciting news? You can now book a one night stay ($229 on weekdays + $269 on weekends) directly through the farm. When you book through the farm, you'll be exempt from the booking fees on Airbnb. One night stays are available. To book, select CONTACT on our website to submit your information. A Rose Farm team member will follow up with you.

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