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About Rose Farm

With 25 acres of sprawling fields, you will find yourself immediately transplanted to a place of tranquility.

"Our dream is to help you take a sabbatical from your everyday, to stop and smell the 'roses' on your life journey and experience the magic of nature here at the farm.”

– Karri + Patrick

Travel just 20 minutes outside the city center of Des Moines and be greeted by the beauty of Rose Farm, family-owned and lovingly-managed by Hobby Farmers Karri and Patrick Rose. With 25 acres of sprawling ground, you will find yourself immediately transplanted to a place of tranquility. The white farmhouse set against the backdrop of deep rolling hills, and the charming, idyllic barn housing The Shoppe at Rose Farm (opening 2020), are neatly nestled on the property. With soaring ceilings, natural light flooding the space, and a Southern sophistication, The Shoppe at Rose Farm will house a community of learners through Lifestyle Workshops, Learning Lectures and Master Classes, as well as provide a unique venue for special events.

Karri and Patrick developed the dream of Rose Farm with a deep belief resting in sustainability, stewardship of the land and conservation. They raise honey bees, harvest hay fields, and create habitats for birds, pollinators and other wildlife. Multiple breeds of non-GMO fed, free range hens happily wander and produce a striking array of colored eggs. Fresh vegetables are grown from seed, guaranteeing quality from soil to table. Breathtaking fields of flowers delight the senses, filling the air with a sweet aroma and dotting the property with a spectrum of colors. White hydrangeas bloom displaying their lavish, rounded shape, as do several varieties of David Austin English roses, ranunculus, dahlias, tulips, cosmos and asters. Find an assortment of seasonal florals to welcome the changing of the seasons. Watch the ornamental grasses, Bells of Ireland and eucalyptus dance in the wind. Blueberries, raspberries, aronia berries, apple and pear trees provide flavorful fruit, along with many other varieties thriving on the farm.

As a family farm, Karri and Patrick wholeheartedly believe in sustainable business practices. They are passionate about supporting local farms and the dreams of others. By supporting Rose Farm, you are rallying around a movement that builds community-supported agriculture.

The Rose Farm Ethos

We think acts of kindness & love found in everyday endeavors brighten the world. We believe kindness is a language that can be heard, seen & felt. We think the happiest people in life are the givers. We think it’s important to celebrate people who feel like sunshine. We believe beautiful minds inspire others.

We believe in creating & nurturing community. We believe in giving back. We believe in collaborating with people from whom we can learn. We believe learning never ends.

We believe in the magic of children. We think they are wise, kind & beautiful. We believe in encouraging their minds & spirits. We think they have superpowers. We believe in feeding & inspiring their hearts.

We believe in celebrations. We believe in joyfully acknowledging life’s events. We believe true happiness comes from creating memories. We think gathering with friends and family makes us more alive & connected.

We believe in treating nature with respect. We believe our land is more than soil; it’s the foundation on which our lives and families are built. We believe that in order to flourish, we must first nourish the ground beneath us. We believe this earth is what we have in common.

Meet Karri

Karri invites you to experience the beauty and peace at Rose Farm. As a dream-seeker, she gave up her role as Executive Director for the #1 beauty brand, AVEDA, to pursue her passion. She spent 21 years working next to small business owners and service providers, helping them grow personally and professionally.

A lifelong champion of others, her greatest joy is developing people through teaching, coaching and mentoring. Karri finds pleasure in being a servant leader, bringing people together and fostering genuine relationships. Her authentic being is one that finds true fulfillment and joy through helping others reach their greatest potential. In this regard, she is a graceful giver – of her time, energy, expertise, wisdom and kindness.

Her southern heritage is a gift she uses to bring people together through hospitality, entertaining at the farm and inspiring others to give through philanthropy. Karri is a believer in beautiful celebrations. With an exquisite attention to detail, she makes even the simplest get-togethers special and thoughtful.

A lover of life, animals and all living things, Karri’s farm is a reflection of the commitment she has made to leave this world a better place. She’s an old soul who finds purpose in caring for the world around her. The minute you pull up to the white farmhouse and see the chickens happily grazing, and spot the vivid colors of the sweet fruits and crunchy vegetables growing abundantly, and smell the aroma of the acre of vibrant florals, you will quickly understand that it is passion which has built this dream.

Karri’s dream is supported wholeheartedly by her sweet family.

Meet the family

Patrick Rose
The Dream Maker

Patrick is the master builder on the farm. His hard-working hands have built the greenhouse, hen house and bird habitats. His green thumb is responsible for the garden plot layouts. He is the grower, the harvester, the hay farmer and the bee keeper. Patrick has helped to bring Karri's dreams to life. His work ethic cannot be matched and he is, without a doubt, the "Chief Giver of the Family." When he is not on the farm, he is working as a Lieutenant for the Des Moines Fire Department and is officially retired after 30 years of service for the Iowa Army National Guard.

Cassie Rose
The Gifted Artist

Cassie brings her artistic talent to the farm. She is an avid painter and creative writer. You can find her with a camera in her hand photographing the flower gardens, or alongside Karri, happily entertaining guests at the farm. She has a big heart for rescuing wild animals. Cassie dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer and studying abroad. She is currently attending Iowa State University.

Joey Rose
The Right-Hand Man

Joey is passionate about the great outdoors. No job on the farm is too big for him. He is an incredible farm-hand. You will find him in the garden during planting season, and again at harvest. As a wildlife lover, he finds joy in capturing farm-life with his drone. Joey loves projects that allow him to get his hands into the design + building process. He has signed with the United States Air Force.

Meet the Extended family

Skylyr Stewart
The Busy Bee

Skylyr is truly Karri’s right-hand-woman  on the Farm. She's attending a community college working on a liberal arts degree and plans on attending Iowa State University to get her animal ecology degree. She loves dogs, fishing, and traveling with her family. On the farm, Skylyr harvests flowers, tends to the gardens, gets the team ready for farmers markets and pop-ups, and so much more. Her favorite flowers are lilacs.

Dr. Gary Van Engelenburg
The Master Grower

Dr. Gary Van Engelenburg is a retired veterinarian, formerly the owner of Iowa Vetinerarian Acupuncture Clinic. He is the designer and creator of Doc’s Aviary Art — all of our birdhouses and bird feeders are made by him. He is a master gardener with years and years of experience. He does cannery - growing the vegetables and canning them. He has great recipes, and his specialty is spicy tomato juice for bloody Marys, in addition to Dilly beans (pickled green beans). He’s instrumental in all the things that grow on the farm. He is a father to six kids, a grandfather to 15 grandkids, and one great-grandson. He lives on the farmstead.

Ali Coppola
The Style Maven

Ali is the owner + scent curator of Currently Co., a small-batch, luxury soy candle brand, hand-poured in Des Moines. She has experience in floral design for weddings + special events. Ali is a wife, a mom of 3, native Iowan, former school counselor and creator of pretty things. She loves fragrant eucalyptus and fresh flowers in blue mason jars, along with bergamot-scented candles and a hot cup of coffee. Ali is wonderful at appealing to all of the senses by making a room look, feel, sound and smell comforting and inviting. At the farm, you'll find Ali teaching seasonal wreath-making workshoppes, as well as helping style bespoke floral arrangements.

Christine Eddie
The Orchestrator

Christine is a wife and a mother to two sons and a daughter. Before taking on her favorite role as a mother, she worked for the global beauty company AVEDA. Christine loves traveling and seeing the world through the eyes of her children, drinking coffee, and enjoying + exploring Des Moines. At the farm, Christine writes and edits projects, helps turn ideas into action, and sees, explores, and embraces the potential in every project. She is a natural-born storyteller, and brings the farm to life through her articulate writing. Her favorite part of Rose Farm is how much it feels like home - “Pulling up the gravel pathway and being greeted by the sound of hens, the sight of the charming greenhouse, and the rows of blooming flowers transports you to a place of calmness.” Her favorite flowers are blush and white peonies.

A glimpse of our lives at the farm


During a life-changing trip to Kampala, Uganda in 2008, Karri had the privilege of visiting Little Light Children's Center, a center that feeds and educates over 300 children. During her visit, she learned the onsite volunteer teachers could only feed the children one meal a day due to limited funding. By living AVEDA's mission "to care for the world we live in," her group purchased $100 worth of recycled paper bead jewelry made by the "Umoja" Women of Kampala to help fund the orphanage. Fast-forward to 2019. Karri's group has now given Little Light Children's Center over $71,300 through the sale of paper beads. The donations helped move the Center from the slums to a safer and larger facility in Kampala where over 14 different programs are funded.
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