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The Rose Farm Greenhouse Building Guide

Featured in Midwest Living magazine + on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens Farmhouse Christmas (2021), along with the cover of The Iowan Magazine (2023), the picturesque greenhouse at Rose Farm has become a destination all of its own. Made from reclaimed materials, the greenhouse was constructed by the hands of Patrick Rose in 2017. What started as a space for Karri to grow flowers and herbs in a controlled environment has quickly transformed into a place for hundreds of guests to gather each season. Our greenhouse has also been the backdrop for two Better Homes & Gardens photoshoots in the fall and winter seasons of 2022. Profession and amateur photographers alike find themselves at the greenhouse snapping photos due to its charming exterior and cozy interior. The Des Moines Register also featured snapshots of the farm in 2021, 2022 + 2024. Have you always dreamed of having a sweet little greenhouse on your property? For years now, Rose Farm guests have been asking us about our well-recognized greenhouse tucked in the rolling countryside of Norwalk, Iowa. We are thrilled to bring you a turnkey playbook where you will find an easy-to-use guide to build your own greenhouse. A physical copy of the building guide will be mailed to the listed address within five to seven business days of your order. Building guide plans created by architectural firm Melee. All rights reserved. This Publication is copyright protected. It is for personal use only. The content contained in this Publication may not be reproduced in any form or by any means, including scanning, photocopying, or otherwise without prior written permission from Melee, LLC. Copyright 2023. We hope your structure becomes not only a place of growth as your plants and flowers spring to life, but also a place that can become your little sanctuary.

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