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Candle: The Emma

I grew up next to my paternal grandmother Emma (better known as my Mimi) on the McCallie farmstead that she and my Pappy started. She had a huge magnolia tree that I would spend endless hours in, climbing to the top with my cousin Crystal. To this day, the magnolia tree is still standing strong. My love of flowers came from Emma. Tall bearded iris’ in a variety of colors would be the first sign of spring at the farm, along with daffodils, or buttercups, as we call them in the South. My love of hydrangeas came from her. She had three varieties – Endless Summer, Annabelle + Little Lime. Her yard was lined with Crape Myrtle’s that bloomed all summer long. On one side of her beautiful white home (which inspired my custom home) she had red climbing roses on a huge trellis. I spent countless hours in her front yard, swinging on the bag swing, playing baseball with my cousins, and climbing all her trees. I was blessed with a beautiful childhood growing up next to both of my grandmothers. The Emma is a bold, sweet, and at times citrusy aroma, sweeping you off your feet with a powdery +playful scent. Hand-poured in Des Moines by Currently Co., the small-batch candles are made with all-natural, soy wax + cotton wicks.

$ 26.00 USD
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