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Mingle + Mimosas

Join Karri Rose, Chief Inspiration Officer of Rose Farm, on a guided, walking tour of the farm, including the working areas of the flower fields, the bird habitats + the herb gardens. Guests will learn how the dream of Rose Farm was built + how it has evolved into a rapidly-growing, community-driven farmstead. Guests will meet the ladies of the farm (our amazing chickens!), and learn more about composting, the monarch waystation + bee keeping. Every guest will enjoy a refreshingly sweet + bubbly mimosa as they mingle their way through the colorful gardens. A non-alcoholic beverage option is also available. Each guest will also leave with a beautiful hand-tied bouquet.

June 15: 10:00-11:00 AM, August 3: 10:00-11:00 AM, October 12: 10:00-11:00 AM
$ 50.00 USD
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Karri Rose

Karri developed the dream of Rose Farm with a deep belief resting in sustainability, stewardship of the land, and conservation. A lifelong champion of others, her greatest joy is developing people through teaching, coaching and mentoring. Karri finds pleasure in being a servant leader, bringing people together and fostering genuine relationships. Her southern heritage is a gift she uses to bring people together through hospitality, entertaining at the farm and inspiring others to give through philanthropy. Karri is a believer in beautiful celebrations, and she enjoys sharing the art of floral styling with others, with experience in both wedding and special event styling. With an exquisite attention to detail, she makes even the simplest get-togethers special and thoughtful.

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