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Cinco de Mayo Fancy Taco

For this fun and festive workshoppe, we'll create a delicious fancy taco bar! We'll start the class by making a paloma cocktail, and then everyone will learn to make all of the components for a fiesta! We'll make salsa verde, a corn, pepper, and tomato salsa, seasoned meat and fish, rice & beans, and homemade tortillas!

A complimentary beverage is also included. For guests 18 years + older.

May 5: 6 - 8:30PM
$ 105.00 USD
By purchasing this product I agree to the Rose Farm Workshoppe Agreement and Liability Waiver.

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Sue Honkamp

Sue is passionate about teaching cooking classes and wants to inspire you to create food that's both sharable and delicious. Sue's passion for real food began in 2004 while working as a Brand Manager for a major processed food company. She began to critically evaluate the ingredients in the food she marketed. She eventually moved on to work within the local foods and sustainable agriculture communities, honing her knowledge of real food from the ground up.

In 2016, as a mom of 4, she founded Real Food 4 Kids, where she teaches hands-on cooking classes and food education classes to kids. She found her passion for teaching others about food, including where food comes from, how it's produced, and how people can have a role in creating the food they love to eat. Her cooking classes will give you the confidence to prepare real food from scratch in your own homes that you can share with friends and family.

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