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Sourdough 101

Come and learn how to make a loaf of naturally leavened, sourdough bread from scratch. Chelsa from Bread By Chelsa B will guide you and provide all of the items you'll need to get started at home, like a sourdough starter, scale, proofing basket, bread lame, dough scraper and bench scraper. Guests will leave with a freshly baked loaf of bread and one to bake at home yourself!

March 6: 12:30-4 PM, April 24: 12:30-4 PM
$ 250.00 USD
By purchasing this product I agree to the Rose Farm Workshoppe Agreement and Liability Waiver.

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Chelsa Smith

Bread by Chelsa B is a one-woman microbakery in Des Moines, Iowa specializing in sourdough bread and naturally leavened brioche doughnuts and cinnamon buns. All baked goods are made with wild yeast sourdough culture, organic flours, and a lot of time and love in a certified home bakery.

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