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Focaccia 101

Is there anything more nourishing than a loaf of freshly baked bread? Join, Microbakery owner, and self appointed focaccia queen, Chelsa Smith in an afternoon of sourdough focaccia baking at Rose Farm.

For those new to focaccia, Focaccia is an Italian bread that is flat, leavened, oven-baked, and made with flour, water, salt, olive oil and, typically, flavored with herbs. The texture is airy and soft, and similar in style and texture to pizza. Come learn the basics of focaccia bread baking. How to maintain and feed your sourdough starter. How to mix, fold, shape, ferment, poke and bake a focaccia that you can make in your home oven. We will cover all the sourdough lingo, and you’ll leave with a new understanding of gluten, grain and the benefits of sourcing regional flour and eating sourdough.

Take a stroll through the Rose Farm herb garden prior to the class and pick your own herbs to flavor your focaccia with. Add other ingredients to create the focaccia of your dreams. This class is for the baker that wants to learn something new. Receive all the items you’ll need (sourdough starter, scale, pan to bake your focaccia in, dough scraper, bench scraper and olive oil. ) to take this new skill back to your own kitchen and continue baking focaccia all summer long.

July 14: 5-8:30 PM
$ 250.00 USD
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Chelsa Smith

Chelsa Smith is a self-taught sourdough baker. After a lifelong love affair with bread, she decided, in December of 2019, to teach herself via cookbooks and the internet how to make sourdough bread. After spending the pandemic honing her skills in sourdough baking and making breads for her friends and neighbors, she officially launched Bread By Chelsa B in 2021.

Bread By Chelsa B is a home-based microbakery in Des Moines, Iowa specializing in small batch sourdough breads and naturally leavened treats. All baked goods are made with wild yeast sourdough culture, organic flours, and a lot of time and love in a certified home bakery. Her baked goods are sold via preorder from her site, at local restaurants and markets, and at popups across Des Moines.

Chelsa has been featured as one of Iowa Restaurant Associations 2021 40 Women to Watch in Hospitality honorees and on Eater.com in The 33 Essential Restaurants in Des Moines

Originally from Idaho, Chelsa has lived in Des Moines on and off since 2009. Prior to opening her business, she worked for men’s clothing company Todd Snyder. She is also a mother of two, a partner and when she isn’t baking or running her business, she enjoys skiing, playing tennis and travelling with her family. She is passionate about her community and bringing healthy and delicious bread to Des Moines.

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