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Art of Layered

Learn how to make a trendy letter/number cookie cake for your next celebration! In this three-hour workshoppe, guests will learn how to perfect a simple sugar cookie. Next, guests will learn what is needed to create a letter or number design, as well as how to create different hues of frosting for the desired outcome. This workshoppe will include recipes, as well as a wide variety of ways to artfully design and decorate your own layered cookie cake, to take home and enjoy. A complimentary beverage is also included. Skill Level: Novice to Advanced.

May 8: 1-4 PM, June 11: 4-7 PM
$ 75.00 USD
By purchasing this product I agree to the Rose Farm Workshoppe Agreement and Liability Waiver.

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Jordyn Shipley

Jordyn is a professional goofball, pun lover, and sprinkle enthusiast. She started baking and experimenting more regularly in 2012 when the hashtag #redsbakery caught on because of her, then, hair color. As a bit of a recipe rebel, Jordyn loves exploring different bakes and coming up with interesting flavor combos. She has a passion for helping others bring their creativity to life through sweets. Since discovering she has a gluten sensitivity in 2015, she's been working hard to perfect gluten-free bakes. Included in this journey have been a few fails, successful recipes that made her happy dance, and being awarded a handful of ribbons at the famous Iowa State Fair. Near the end of 2019, with help and support of family and friends, this little dream of Red's Bakery finally came to life! Jordyn currently bakes out of her home in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa which she shares with her four-legged best friend, Orville Redenbarker. Did we mention she loves puns?

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